A Dream becomes an Experience


Since 1999 we have been inspired and encouraged by the vision of bringing beauty from the hands of experts to discerning customers with refined senses and experience, who are looking to find space and time to indulge themselves in a secure, peaceful location.


With over 17 years experience in the beauty industry we offer all expertise, technology and know-how on a professional level as well as world-leading products, which we are now able to bring to life for you in a very special location in Innsbruck, the capital of the Alps: awaken your individual beauty with AURORA, the cosmetics institute.



Light. Ease. Captured in pure beauty.

Form and colour in perfect harmony. Pure white. Living wood. Large areas of glass overlooking the greenery. The chirping of birds. And the charm of the Alpine capital which exudes a particularly inspiring and yet calm charisma here in the Müllerstraße.

Passionately we have transformed our vision into space: space that appeals. Space that liberates. Space which opens to let beauty shine in a new form. To be valuable.


Exclusive slowing down.

Time is in demand. All the more reason why we want to slow down the tempo throughout the AURORA Beauty Studio. Making serenity and tranquillity noticeable in light-flooded rooms – and giving you our undivided attention and time to slow down, as part of personal consultations and most exclusive facial treatments. For results that instantly inspire – and a feeling of beauty that fills your whole aura.



Technical Excellence. First-Class Results.

Understanding the beautician profession and upholding its origins: as a craft. And as an art, that combines both technical know-how and medical knowledge, as well as understanding and the correct handling of instruments. As your AURORA team we guarantee attentiveness and empathy as well as the highest level of expertise and the best products on the market. As beauty is also always a question of trust – for which we want to thank you. And which is always in safe hands thanks to our decades of experience with !QMS Medicosmetics, transparency and sound personal consultation.